Coming & Going
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Rhys Comedy
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An irreverent romantic comedy that poses the question: How far would you go to capture the heart of the one you love? Coming & Going features Rhys Darby (HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords”) as Lee, a thirty something OB-GYN who lacks any confidence with women outside his successful medical practice. When he is forced to spend some time in a wheelchair, (the result of a yoga class gone awry), the woman that he’s had a crush on from afar for seven years, Alex, (Sasha Alexander from “Yes Man” and television’s “NCIS”), finally takes notice.

Their relationship progresses but Lee is convinced that she is only paying attention to him because she thinks he is disabled, making it increasingly difficult for him to give up the ruse. As it turns out, Lee is not the only one who isn’t revealing everything and, even worse, he realizes that his secret is not safe. Unbeknownst to him, one of his patients is Alex's sister, Sue, who has a secret of her own. After spending her life promoting abstinence education to teenage girls, Sue now finds herself pregnant after cheating on her husband. Soon Sue and Lee uncover one another's secrets and find themselves in an unwanted pact to keep their deceptions from their unsuspecting significant others. Love has never required such heart wrenching commitment or been so deliciously funny.

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